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Adam Wilmot/57/Vehicle Stylist

What moves me?
To give shape to visions.

Clay Car Modeling

The art of turning automotive dreams into reality


Adam Wilmot works as a vehicle stylist for different automotive manufacturers across the globe. "Every project is completely new and different" explains the 57-year-old stylist. In a highly technological and digital industry, his work consists largely of pure handcrafting: "We have to be able to feel the shape of the emerging cars up close. This creates an emotional bond and makes us become one with the project. This is the only way to create something big."




When Adam and his team are working with clay models, nothing can distract them. Utmost concentration is necessary for the adaptation of smallest and most delicate details: "Most of us get into something like a flow state, where we almost stop noticing anything around us."




Anyone who works like Adam Wilmot must be able to completely rely on the equipment. That is why he has been relying for years on solutions from MP artware: Clay Car Modeling Tools of the highest quality. From the beginning to the completion of the project, he is always on the safe side and can focus on what is most important: the development of his ideas.


MP artware


Professional Clay Car Modeling Tools


From professionals for professionals


MP artware's modeling products provide vehicle designers and clay modelers with top tools to turn their ideas into reality with absolute precision. In addition to the quality of our products, you can also count on excellent service and personal advice at MP artware. Thanks to our vast experience and a close connection to everyday practice through exchange with vehicle stylists from automotive development centers in Europe, the USA and Asia, we know the needs of the industry better than anyone else – and are continuously developing our solutions further. At the centre of our efforts is always one thing: the freedom of our customers to turn their ideas into reality.


Make it happen!

Perfectly equipped with MP artware

For clay car modeling from the development to the finishing

From the beginning of the project – the initial idea – to the realization of the final prototype, MP artware is an experienced partner at the side of vehicle stylists all over the world. We distinguish five steps in the clay car modeling process: the basic visualization, the selection of a suitable clay, the preparation of all necessary modeling tools for the working of the clay, the application of the clay modeling film or foil and the final prototype in original size with the perfect design of all external shapes, joints, edges and surfaces as well as the interior area with the display elements.


the first

first look

A new car design is always a step into the unknown for the creative minds behind it: into a future that is still waiting to be put on the road - and to make the mobility of people around the world a little bit better. This first inspiration becomes an idea. The idea is envisioned in an analog or digital drawing and then visualized in accordance with technical and geometric specifications. The goal: finding the right combination of lines, sizes and proportions.


the right

right clay

It all comes down to the right material –

the right clay

For the first time, the vision gets a visible shape: virtual models and clay models are made. The production from clay makes it possible to comprehend the shape completely and to achieve sculptural perfection: the ideal complement for digital design processes. The quality of the later model in terms of stability, moldability, level of detail, etc. depends on the quality of the clay used. At MP artware, you are always at the right address!

Industrial clay from MP artware

It all comes down to the right clay – MP artware's industrial clay/modeling clay made of oil and wax-based materials is specifically produced for automotive engineering as well as product design and has many benefits:

  • excellent bonding properties
  • very good sculptability by CNC milling, by hand or with templates
  • optimal adhesion on wood, foam or painted surfaces
  • high level of detail in the design
  • does not break (if handled properly)
  • reusable
  • ideal for perfect surfaces and edges thanks to a high density and flexibility
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of the clay

of the clay

The working of the clay model

Through the combination of machining and filigree, sensitive handcrafting, clay models are often molded first on a small scale and then in original size. In this way, all details of the model can be included. First the exterior is designed, then the interior.

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Modeling tools from MP artware

There is no better way to shape clay

A clay modeler combines a good eye with dexterity. MP artware offers the perfect modeling tools for the precise working of clay, so that creative imagination can be transformed into the right curve, the most elegant rounding or the most precise joint.

Clay Shaper
  • for malleable and ceramic masses
  • apply, shape and design
  • hard, robust tip
  • easy to clean
  • with black painted wooden handle and seamless ferrule
  • different shapes and sizes
  • wire sling allows easy working of the clay
  • ideal for filigree details in the interior of a model
  • different sizes, thicknesses and shapes
  • for smoothing unfinished surfaces
  • different shapes and sizes
  • for a variety of applications
  • perfect for complex details in the interior of a model.
  • different shapes
  • from long flat to curved rakes
  • efficient removal of material
  • ideal for the first steps in clay working
Clay plane / files
  • very sharp and durable
  • made of high quality stainless steel
  • for fast, pleasant and efficient working
  • wide range of versions
  • for modeling clay, wood, plastic, resins, rubber, putty and many more
Modeling sticks
  • made of grounded, polished birchwood
  • ergonomic design
  • both ends of the stick can be used
  • for a maximum of individual design freedom
Clay knives
  • the ideal tool for clay modelers
  • particularly suitable for very filigree details
  • very sharp
  • for easy cutting of the clay
  • for exterior designers and modelers
  • communicating, shaping and drawing ideas on the clay
  • wide range of versions
  • for renderings
  • for painting and varnishing work, application of paint line edges
  • as contour tape, for covering and sealing
  • marking, labeling, packaging, fixing…

Clay modeling accessories

You can take care of your ideas - MP artware takes care of the rest. We are the reliable partner when it comes to all accessories in the field of modelling - we have everything you need to bring your ideas to life with a detailed model:


clay modeling
film &

film & foil

Clay modeling film & modeling foil

Realistic and visually appealing

Few things are as emotionally charged as the automotive sector. The (first) visual impression is therefore of crucial importance. To avoid having to make any compromises in the presentation of the design concepts, your clay model for interior and exterior gets the right surface with the modeling films and foils from MP artware – realistic, appealing and available in many different versions.

Clay Modeling Film

Clay modeling film was specifically developed for the application on modeling clay and is therefore the optimal choice for modelers and designers in the automotive sector. The easy application on three-dimensional and curved surfaces distinguishes the film. In this way, it is possible to get closer to a real car model and evaluate the overall picture.

How do I apply the clay modeling film? Remove the protective layer and soak the modeling film with the paper tape in 20 to 23 °C warm water. The paper tape can then be easily removed. As the modeling film has a barely visible structure, it is recommended to apply the different sheets in parallel. Otherwise the light reflections will be affected too differently.

Our clay modeling films are available in the following colors:

with metallic effect

  • silver
  • black
  • gray metal
  • steel-gray
  • machine silver
  • tungsten silver
  • rodium silver
  • novagrey
  • burgundy
  • claret-red
  • white
  • emerald blue

without metallic effect

  • solid white


  • black

for painting

  • transparent (clear)

Clay modeling film & modeling foil

With MP artware you are perfectly equipped for every application: our modeling foils offer the highest product quality with maximum flexibility. Our clay modeling films have been especially developed for the application on modeling clay: the flexible foil can be easily and user-friendly applied on three-dimensional curved surfaces. We have the following versions in our range:

Clay Modeling Film
  • high flexibility
  • suitable for curved surfaces
  • for 3D bondings in vehicle designs
  • available with dull and glossy finish
Mirror foil
  • self-adhesive and with high gloss finish
  • for the representation of chrome parts like door handles, headlight housings, etc.
  • ideal for the decoration (full wrap) of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.) and design objects (furniture, laptops, cell phones and many more)
Highlight foil
  • Modeling Check Foil
  • for highlight checks (test for unevenness)
  • available in black, steel-gray, red, chrome
Aluminum foil
  • self-adhesive, flexible foils with aluminum look
  • S-cal Flex, S-cal Standard, V-Flex and Metal Effect brushed.
Carbon foil
  • Structure foils
  • perfect for interiors
  • suitable for the decoration of vehicles and design objects
  • for the simulation of real carbon structures and surfaces
Prism Sparkle film
  • self-adhesive foil with high gloss finish
  • for headlights and tail lights
  • available in silver, orange, red



The final prototype

Fascinating – a vision has become reality

The visible result of years of development work is nearing completion: the final prototype. After deciding on the final exterior and interior, the materials for the interior are selected and all display elements in the vehicle are designed.

Then the final prototype is finished by hand in original size and with the correct colors: interior and exterior form one unit. Finally, the model is captured in 3D data to produce the first real model. All joints, corners, edges and surfaces must already be perfectly shaped – there is no room for mistakes. A challenge for the professional and precise preparatory work, and thus for every single step of car clay modeling.

We at MP artware are happy to contribute to this result – with high quality tools and instruments, with extensive accessories, with personal service and advice, with experience and expertise. When dreams take shape, we are a part of it.

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